Crazy “Mad Dog” Cure DEFEATS Diabetes

Diabetes often feels like a disease without end… a condition without a cure that changes your life forever.

Suddenly, your doc won’t let you eat your favorite foods…

You’re stuck watching your weight and pricking your fingers…

And you’re at risk of all sorts of dangerous (DEADLY!) heart and nerve conditions.

Everything is different…

But now, I’ve got good news.

Because unbelievable new research out of North Africa has revealed that one simple (but versatile) ancient cure can turn back the clock… practically REVERSING your diabetes and UNDOING your diagnosis…

So you can get back to living life right.

I know. It sounds crazy. Your doc’s told you time and again that there’s no known cure.

But allow me to let you in on a little secret…


It’s called dog rose, or Rosa canina, a modest flower named for the ancient folk practice of using its roots to treat bites from “mad” rabid dogs…

(You know, the terrifying, frothing-at-the-mouth kind…)

But in their recent study, published in the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicines, Tunisian researchers set out to analyze its potential as an anti-diabetic agent.

First, they combined dried flowers and fruits from the plant with methanol to create a potent dog rose extract.

Then, they used an in vitro model to identify whether the extract could block alpha-amylase, an important enzyme that helps digest starchy foods and convert them into glucose.

Once that’s done, glucose is typically absorbed into your blood stream, and you know what happens next…

Your blood sugar SKYROCKETS!

Or at least… that’s what’s supposed to happen.

But in the study, researchers saw that varying doses of dog rose extract COMPLETELY INHIBITED that alpha-amylase, effectively SHUTTING DOWN the hydrolysis process that turns starch to sugar…

So you can FINALLY get your levels under control.

It’s kind of amazing, really…

Especially since researchers observed this result in two different tests…

But I guess it shouldn’t be surprising.

Previous studies support dog rose’s anti-diabetic effects, revealing that it can also inhibit alpha-glucosidase (another enzyme involved in carb digestion) and lower fasting blood sugar.

And while many mainstream diabetes meds aim to work the same way, you’re almost always better off going natural (and avoiding uncomfortable gut side effects).

Look for dog rose and rose hip (the fruit of the plant) in supplement form at your local vitamin shop – or consider using dried rose hips (available online) to make a mild tea.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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