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CONQUER Menopause… With THIS Ancient Trick

Ladies, here’s something mainstream docs don’t talk about nearly enough… something you (and other women in your life) already know all too well… 

Menopause is a real MOTHER! 

Night sweats keep you from sleeping right… headaches and fatigue plague every waking moment… and even when you’re feeling “normal,” a poorly timed hot flash can completely RUIN your day! 

It’s easy to feel like you’re being PUNISHED for reaching a certain age… 

But what if I told you that one simple ancient trick (something used for centuries in China) could END the worst effects of “the change?” 

Unlike mainstream hormone replacement therapy, which ups your odds of breast cancer, this easy treatment is completely safe and reliable – even relaxing – and according to one recent study, it can STOP symptoms of menopause! 

Ladies, I’m talking about acupuncture. 

That’s the ancient Chinese practice of inserting teeny-tiny needles into special points on the body, a process that’s been used to relieve pain and treat disease for thousands of years… 

And now, scientists say it can EASE symptoms of menopause! 

In the study, published in BMJ Open earlier this year, Danish researchers gathered 70 women experiencing “the change” and split them into two groups: Members of one were given one 15-minute acupuncture session per week over five weeks, and members of the other received no treatment. 

Each woman completed a questionnaire about their menopause symptoms (hot flashes, sleep issues, memory changes, and more) before, during, and after the trial… 

And after just THREE WEEKS, women receiving acupuncture reported a decrease in hot flashes! 

After six weeks, 80 percent of acupuncture participants said that the treatment IMPROVED their symptoms… 

And I don’t just mean pesky hot flashes. 

According to researchers, women who got periodic acupuncture showed significant decreases in the severity and frequency of: 

  • Sweating (including annoying night sweats), 
  • Sleep issues, 
  • Emotional changes, and 

Plus, here’s an added benefit… 

It’s easy to get! 

Thanks to a surge in recent popularity and PROOF of its impressive pain-relieving, mind-settling effects, many physicians have started offering acupuncture (and acupressure, needle-less relative) in their clinics.  

Look for a certified medical acupuncturist in your area today! 

Do you have feedback you want to share? Drop me a line: feedback@turapur.com. 

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