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Common Colds Turning DEADLY?! (Here’s What to Do)

You don’t need another reason NOT to get sick this winter — but unfortunately, I’ve got one for you.

It’s not the rising cost of tissues… or the general crappiness you feel when you’re coming down with something…

No, this is MUCH WORSE.

Because all-new research released by the American Heart Association suggests that even just catching a cold this time of year could lead to more than a case of the sniffles…

It could END YOUR LIFE with a devastating heart attack!

Talk about scary… and SUDDEN.

One day, you’re coming down off that cold, and the next… who knows? 

There might not even be a next.

In the new study, researchers analyzed the medical histories of around 2,000 patients who’d had a heart attack (or other coronary event) or an ischemic stroke (caused by blood clots).

And here’s where that cold I mentioned comes into play…

Because SO MANY of those people had recently battled infections!

Researchers saw that a whopping 30 PERCENT of stroke sufferers had been sick with an infection in the three months prior.

And for heart patients, that number shot even higher…


That means that more than A THIRD of these devastating and traumatic events happened within three months of an illness…

Coincidence? No way.

See, whenever your body detects an infection, it dispatches an army of white blood cells to defeat the invader, and when those white blood cells get to work, the triggered inflammation can allow blood clots to form more easily… 

BLOCKING and CLOGGING your arteries in ways that can lead to debilitating heart attacks and stroke.

Call it more proof that everything in the body is connected… 

And what’s more, don’t be afraid to CALL BULL when you see it.

In the study, the most common infections were UTIs, pneumonia, and respiratory infections like flu and the common cold… so naturally, the mainstream is using these terrifying findings to SCARE PEOPLE into accepting its ineffective flu jab.

But you and I know better.

You don’t need some stinking shot to save your heart and stay healthy this winter. All you need is a handful of my favorite natural immune-boosters.

Probiotics – good gut “bugs” found in fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi – can help balance your microbiome and stimulate your immune system so infections don’t stand a chance. Check your local pharmacy for a multi-strain variety from a maker you trust.

While you’re there, opt for a few extra nutrients (vitamin D, zinc, and selenium) – and consider talking to a doctor about how intravenous vitamin C can make your immune system practically IMPERVIOUS to harmful pathogens.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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