"Christmas Tree Cure" BOOSTS Memory (2 Months!)

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

Is there anything more annoying than steaming through a story — dazzling your loved ones with your wit and wisdom — and suddenly coming up BLANK?

Moments ago, you knew this particular tale by heart. You could’ve recited every detail and hit every flourish…

But out of nowhere, you struggle to find the words, suddenly struck with an annoying “senior moment.”

It’s frustrating. Heck, it’s MADDENING…

And according to mainstream docs, there’s NOTHING you can do to stop it.

But as usual, a safe, natural solution is staring them right in the face!

It’s a potent plant substance derived from unique Christmas trees… and according to multiple studies, it can IMPROVE your memory and STRENGTHEN your mind…

In as little as TWO MONTHS!

It’s called Pycnogenol – and you may have heard that name before.

It’s a standardized form of pine bark extract made from French maritime pine trees… and its positive effects on your health are practically LIMITLESS.

See, scientists have really dug deep into this substance. They’ve conducted HUNDREDS of studies into its diverse abilities, finding that it can:

  • Improve blood pressure,
  • Heal wounds and smooth skin (when used topically),
  • Protect against skin cancer,
  • Prevent inflammation,
  • Erase visible signs of aging, and
  • Reduce hyperactivity in kids with ADHD.

And this miracle “Christmas tree cure” is no slouch when it comes to your brain, either…

Because in addition to ALL of those incredible benefits, Pycnogenol can also BOOST your memory and FINE-TUNE your focus!

Don’t take my word for it, though… see for yourself.

In an Italian study from 2011, researchers gathered 53 college students and instructed them to supplement with Pycnogenol for eight weeks. Then, they used exams to track the students’ mental abilities…

And by the end of the study, those taking Pycnogenol performed BETTER than peers in a control group!

Specifically, their test scores were almost 8 percent higher on average… and even if their scores dipped, they also failed FEWER tests than their control counterparts.

That’s not bad for a bunch of potentially rowdy, distracted kids (especially after just TWO MONTHS of supplementing).

Plus, researchers observed improvements in memory, executive function, mood, and ability to focus – things many seniors are struggling with RIGHT NOW!

That’s just the start, too.

In another study, published three years later, scientists found that 12 weeks of daily Pycnogenol BOOSTED the minds of 60 working adults… not only improving their alertness and easing their anxiety, but ENHANCING their performance of daily tasks!

Folks taking Pycnogenol also showed better pattern recognition and spatial memory…

All within just THREE MONTHS!

To see some of these memory-boosting benefits for yourself, look for Pycnogenol or pine bark extract online or through your local vitamin shop.

Retailer Piping Rock offers 180-capsule bottles of pine bark extract for around $30, though discounts may be available.

Do you have feedback you want to share? Drop me a line: feedback@turapur.com.


Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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