This Candy REVERSES Your Diabetes

If you don’t want diabetes, you’re probably steering clear of desserts.

That’s because things like cookies and cakes can send your blood sugar into orbit.

And your mainstream doctor has probably told you that candy is absolutely forbidden.

But that’s NOT true.

Because scientists have just discovered that there’s one type of candy that you should eat every day if you care about your blood sugar. 

In fact, it could be the key to NEVER developing diabetes in the first place.

I’m talking about dark chocolate.

And it’s been scientifically proven to help you fight Alzheimer's, heart disease and even depression in the past.

This candy is powerful because cocoa powder — the key ingredient in chocolate — is chock-full of powerful antioxidants.

Now it looks like one of these wonder compounds could STOP your diabetes. 

For the experiment, researchers from Brigham Young University fed mice a sugary diet supplemented with cocoa compounds.

After taking a close look, they found that the cocoa was helping beta cells secrete insulin more efficiently. 

This is so important because beta cells help your body produce insulin and process sugar. When these cells malfunction, you can develop diabetes.   

Experts report that cocoa compounds are so good for beta cells because they strengthen their mitochondria and fight off oxidative stress. 

Chocolate candies with the highest cocoa content provide the most beta cell protection.

So it’s important to avoid sugary milk chocolate varieties and go for at least 70% cocoa selections to see REAL results. 

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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