Breakthrough! Ancient Herb BLOCKS Seizures?!

There’s nothing scarier than having a seizure. 

One minute, you’re watching TV with the grandkids or playing together out in the yard… and the next? 

You’re on the ground.  

Maybe you’re conscious or maybe you’re not… maybe your limbs are flailing and shaking without your control or you’re hallucinating sounds and lights that aren’t really there… 

Each one is different, and even frequent sufferers find them hard to describe. 

But here’s something constant: Your life is interrupted… your brain is in trouble… and your body is completely OUT OF YOUR CONTROL. 

I’m sure it’s terrifying… 

But now – FINALLY – you can stop living in fear of your next attack. 

According to modern research, a popular herb used FOR CENTURIES… from Ancient Egypt and Israel to Britain and the American colonies… has the power to SLOW devastating seizures and CONTROL epilepsy. 

And you’ve probably got it on your spice rack! 

Now, before we go any further, what do you really know about epilepsy? 

As your doctor may have told you, epilepsy is an all-encompassing term for what you’re dealing with, a neurological condition defined by recurring, seemingly unprovoked seizures due to abnormal electrical activity in your brain. 

Some people liken this activity to random “electrical storms in your noggin, dysfunctions caused by head trauma, stroke, infections, tumors, and other triggers. For some folks, high seizure risk is even an inherited condition! 

And while seizure severity changes depending on which parts of your brain are affected, many attacks have a few things in common: convulsions, loss of consciousness, numbness, hearing or vision loss, and hallucinations (to name just a few). 

After really bad ones, you can have long-lasting issues with memory, vision, brain damage, locomotive skills, and more… 

But now, intriguing research has found that cilantro (also known as coriander or Chinese parsley) can offer impressive protection! 

These days, you might know cilantro as a humble cooking ingredient – perfect for rice dishes, soups, stews, and fish – but its history goes back ages.  

According to some accounts, cilantro has been consumed by humans for more than 8,000 years. A sample was even found in the tomb of Egypt’s King Tut… 

And today, modern scientists are still unraveling its mysteries. 

A few years ago, research out of the Middle East showed that cilantro seed extract INHIBITED seizures induced by both drugs and powerful electric shocks in mice… LENGTHENING the time between exposure and the seizure’s start! 

At the time, researchers didn’t know what to make of these awesome anti-convulsant effects… 

But a brand-new study, published in FASEB Journal, has just filled in the gaps! 

Thanks to this research, experts now believe that cilantro (and its component dodecenal) works against seizures by activating key potassium channels involved in the brain’s electrical activity. 

As I said earlier, cranial “electrical storms” are to blame for epileptic seizures, so weakening these storms – or shutting them down entirely – could help PREVENT future attacks! 

Cooking with extra cilantro could help increase your intake and stabilize your brain, but for a more concentrated dose, look for a cilantro supplement online or at your local health food store. 

Supplement maker Swanson offers a one-month supply of cilantro leaf capsules for less than $10. 

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