Bizarre Fruit Battles Cancer (and WINS!)

You didn’t pick a fight with cancer. The disease zoned in and came after you – and fortunately, well-meaning mainstream docs were there to help.

Or at least you thought they were helping.

Now that you’re laid up with intense pain, constant nausea, and enduring fatigue – all side effects of their so-called “care” – I bet you’re not so sure.

Well, friend, you don’t have to put up with their shoddy meds and toxic treatments ANY LONGER!

There’s a bizarre-looking island plant… a Polynesian fruit passed down from ancient times… that SHRINKS tumors and DEFEATS cancer while being gentle on your body.

And it works better than mainstream cancer meds!

It’s called noni, or Morinda citrifolia, and native Pacific Islanders have long used this weird-looking fruit to ease pain, treat inflammation, and even cure diabetes…

But now, scientists say it can battle cancer without wrecking your body!

In one study, published in the journal Food & Function, Malaysian researchers induced lung cancer in lab rats and treated them with either noni leaf extract or the chemo drug erlotinib for 21 days.

Now, mainstream docs will tell you that erlotinib battles cancer by blocking a protein called epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), which can mutate and promote cancer cell growth and division…

But there’s a catch: Erlotinib comes with HORRIBLE side effects!

Usually, patients experience weakness, diarrhea, fatigue, and nausea… but a few unfortunate folks have also developed abnormal bleeding and clotting, heart issues, and respiratory problems.

Noni doesn’t do any of that. Research has confirmed that noni targets cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone (limiting side effects)…

And in the Malaysian study, three weeks of noni leaf SLOWED tumor growth to a crawl!

Tumors treated with noni grew to 14.8 cubic millimeters while those in the untreated group soared to 288.2 cubic millimeters… and in mice treated with erlotinib, tumors were more than TWICE THE SIZE of noni users’!

Plus, researchers found that noni leaf extract:

  • INCREASED mice’s white blood cells and immune cells,
  • DECREASED compounds linked to cancer,
  • UPREGULATED genes that inhibit tumors, and
  • DOWNREGULATED those that encourage them – including EGFR!

A later study by the same group of scientists found comparable results in mice with leukemia – and in this trial, noni leaf extract also BLOCKED the cell cycle needed for cancer cell growth and spread.

But noni keeps going.

The scientists reported that noni extract “directly ameliorated leukemia via cancer cells apoptosis.”

Apoptosis (or “cell suicide”) is your body’s natural process of killing off damaged or cancerous cells… and many experts agree that it’s our best defense against deadly cancer.

In fact, many cancer meds attempt to replicate or induce this process… but unlike noni, they tend to attack healthy cells and WRECK YOUR BODY.

Don’t settle for the mainstream’s shoddy meds and miserable side effects. Look for noni in supplement form from a retailer you trust. VH Nutrition offers 60-capsule bottles of noni extract for about $13 – and you can also find noni (nicknamed “cheese fruit” for its strange taste) whole or as a juice.

Talk to your doctor before starting up. Noni is considered safe to use, but it contains compounds that may interfere with certain meds or cause liver and kidney damage in at-risk patients.

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