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Biblical Plant REVERSES Brain Drain!

Ask your doc for help dealing with debilitating, embarrassing “senior moments,” and I bet you’ll walk away unsatisfied. 

Because while mainstream practitioners CLAIM to know everything about you and your body, they consistently come up short in one particular area…  


The hard truth is that your typical doc CAN’T help you with memory loss, lack of focus, or forgetfulness… and there’s no drug out there that will boost your memory… 

You deserve better. 

Fortunately, years of research have shown that you can beat back the brain drain naturally (WITHOUT some know-nothing doctor’s “help”)… and it all comes down to a sacred herb hidden within the Holy Bible. 

I’m talking about spikenard. 

Also known as Nardostachys jatamansi, spikenard (or nard) is a flowering plant that grows deep in the Himalayas. 

Back in the time of the New Testament, this precious herb was used to create a rare and expensive oil that’s mentioned throughout the Bible. In the days leading up to the Last Supper, a woman used it to anoint Jesus upon his arrival in the town of Bethany… 

But more recently, researchers have found that spikenard is useful for managing seizures, protecting your heart, killing off harmful bacteria, and SAVING YOUR BRAIN!  

In a study published in 2016 in the Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines, researchers observed that spikenard works to control damaging inflammation (a leading cause of memory issues) on multiple fronts. 

The herb not only WAKES UP cells in charge of regulating inflammation, but it also BLOCKS the activation of nuclear factor-kappa B (or NFKB), a substance that helps CREATE inflammation. 

Plus, another study — published last year in the journal Inflammation – found similar brain-saving results. 

In that study, compounds from spikenard actually SUPPRESSED cells’ inflammatory reaction, leading to REDUCED inflammation, which has been tied to improved cognition and recollection. 

And in a mouse model from 2006, researchers observed that 200 mg/kg of spikenard not only significantly improved learning and memory in young mice… but it also REVERSED drug-induced memory loss! 

That’s pretty impressive, but I could keep going. 

Time and again, this amazing mind-saving herb has been shown to UNDO debilitating memory loss and BLOCK the inflammation behind it… and researchers are still only scratching the surface… 

But when the science is this good, why wait?  

Consider picking up brain-boosting spikenard from a vitamin shop or supplement maker you trust.  

Retailer Vadik Herbs offers jatamansi capsules (named for spikenard’s scientific designation) for about $20 per bottle. 

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