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Bible Cure Kills Cancer BETTER Than Chemo

If you or a loved one are battling deadly cancer, you know how easy it is to lose hope.

To lose faith in mainstream treatments when nothing works… nothing helps you feel better…

And everything comes with debilitating side effects.

But don’t give up yet.

Because new research shows that an ancient Christmas gift referenced in the Bible KILLS cancer cells, KEEPS THEM from ever coming back, and works BETTER than chemotherapy…

Without any of the life-altering side effects.

I’m talking about frankincense.

You probably know it as one of the gifts bestowed on a certain baby boy in a manger all of those years ago, but to dig a little deeper, it’s actually a kind of resin that comes from the North African boswellia tree.

Some scholars say that the three wise men selected it as an offering for its amazing health benefits, and modern scientists have MORE than backed that up… 

Showing that the resin can do everything from speed up wound-healing processes to regulate bleeding and improve oral health.

But still MORE research is pouring out about how this biblical powerhouse can tackle cancer and help save lives.

In one study, researchers out of the University of Oklahoma tested frankincense oil against bladder cancer cells AND healthy cells in a lab model.

And their groundbreaking results were two-fold.

First, the frankincense started KILLING the cancer by promoting processes related to cell death, or apoptosis.

But here’s the really amazing part…

It did so while PASSING OVER AND PRESERVING the healthy cells

Leading researchers to declare that frankincense can actually “distinguish” between the two.

You know what can’t do that? 


Instead of sparing those all-important healthy cells, chemo attacks EVERYTHING – leading to a long list of miserable side effects like hair loss, muscle weakness, and fatigue.

What’s more, other studies have BACKED UP that boswellia (the source tree) can kill all sorts of cancer cells — including ovarian, breast, and prostate – thanks to a compound called AKBA.

And while you can easily find frankincense itself in either oil or resin form, you’re better off taking a boswellia supplement that includes it. 

Look for one that’s made with the resin and includes AKBA – but do it tomorrow.

Today’s for friends and family.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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