Maca Powder

BETTER Sex In Three Months?! (Here’s How)

Well, guys and gals, let’s not dance around a sensitive topic. 

When you were young, passionate, and packed with vitality, sexual dysfunction and “performance issues” probably never crossed your mind.  

Nope! Back then, I bet you were locked, loaded, and ready to go whenever the mood arose… so energetic and confident that you never doubted your abilities between the sheets 

But now that you’re olderfactors like fatigue, depression, and hormonal changes may have made it harder to “perform” or get in “the mood” – effectively KILLING your love life! 

Starting today, though, you can finally REVIVE your “dead bedroom” and WOW your spouse 

Because there’s a controversial Peruvian plant (rejected by the mainstream) that boosts libido and eliminates performance issues… 

In less than THREE MONTHS! 

It’s called maca (Lepidium meyenii) — and while ancient Incarelied on this herb to improve desire and libido, modern medicine has been against it from the beginning. 

Mainstream docs will tell you that “It absolutely does not work! There’s no proof! Natural healing is a hoax! Blah, blah, blah… 

But as usual, they’ve got their own best interests in mind.  

Instead of giving you a straightforward, simple way to get back in the bedroom, they’d rather BANKRUPT and EMBARRASS you (and your spouse) with flashy “performance” products and “the little blue pill.” 

Only, you don’t need ANY of that to enjoy sliding between the sheets. 

In a meta-analysis from 2016, researchers concluded that maca has “high effectiveness” in improving sexual function, libido, and male performance (as well as menopause symptoms and reproductive health)… 

And for men with erectile dysfunction (ED), “rock-hard” results could appear in less than THREE MONTHS! 

In another study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Andrologia in 2008, Italian researchers gathered 50 men with mild ED and instructed them to supplement with either maca root extract (2,400 mg) or a placebo every day for 12 weeks. 

Before and after treatment, each man evaluated his own libido, ability to “perform,” and sexual satisfaction by answering a doctor-administered questionnaire… 

And after three months, men taking maca reported improvements in virtually ALL markers of ED! 

Plus, researchers didn’t ask about any changes prior to that 12-week mark… so who’s to say those “rock-hard” results didn’t appear EVEN SOONER?! 

Guys, just think about that for a minute. Maca could be the match that RE-IGNITES your love life, helping your please your wife and feel confident “in the sack” again… 

And ladies, it works for you, too! Studies have proven that maca helps lower psychological barriers (like stress or anxiety) to sex and boost diminished libido! 

Other research indicates that this root can also increase energy and endurance… helping you go all night long… and reduce blood pressure (which can contribute to performance issues). 

To start seeing results for yourself, look for dried maca powder or supplements online or at your local health food store. Retailer Piping Rock offers a three-month supply of 1,600 mg capsules for less than $15. 

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