Athletes’ Secret RELIEVES Pain (1 Month?!)

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting on the sidelines when you know that you could be winning the game — and if you or a loved one suffer a bad back or bum knee, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Too often, struggling with joint pain, arthritis, or injury means AVOIDING your favorite hobbies… STAYING HOME when you could be wowing your friends on the tennis court or schooling them on the fairway… and watching from inside as the grandkids play out back.

You’re eager to join in, but your stiff, aching joints holds you back.

Friend, that’s no way to live…

But starting today, you can take the first step toward getting BACK in the game… because there’s a cutting-edge new treatment, a breakthrough therapy used by world-class athletes, that REPAIRS aging joints and RELIEVES arthritis pain…

And it starts working in just ONE MONTH.

It’s called platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, and it refers to a breakthrough injection therapy that uses a concentrated form of a patient’s blood to help regenerate soft tissue, rebuild damaged joints, and speed injury healing.

Golfer Tiger Woods and tennis superstar Rafael Nadal have both used it to treat serious knee problems… and several years ago, basketball pro Kobe Bryant travelled to Germany for a similar procedure…

And now, you could use it to get real, lasting relief from your worst aches and pains!

In a study published in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers out of Spain gathered 65 adults with late-stage knee osteoarthritis (OA) and randomly divided them into two groups. Members of one group were treated with four milliliters of PRP, while members of the other received corticosteroids with local anesthetic, a “gold standard” control for OA.

Researchers communicated with each participant for up to six months after the procedure…

And within just ONE MONTH, folks who received PRP showed improvements in physical function and overall vitality!

Specifically, participants reported better mobility, lower pain, and increased quality of life – and throughout the study, PRP treatment behaved similarly to the mainstream steroids!

These results occur because PRP contains higher amounts of platelets, cells with important growth factors, than your whole blood – and when PRP is injected into a problematic joint, it triggers a healing reaction.

The platelets in PRP release growth factors and other cells that help HEAL connective tissue (like muscles and tendons), REGENERATE cartilage, and TAMP DOWN damaging inflammation… and if you’re suffering from osteoarthritis, low cartilage is a major source of your pain.

That’s because the cartilage between our joints acts as a “shock absorber,” protecting our knees (and other areas) from the damage of repeated movement. Over time, though, that cartilage can wear away and allow the bones in our joints to GRIND TOGETHER and cause pain.

Fortunately, PRP therapy helps REVERSE cartilage degeneration and REBUILD stubborn joints, effectively ERASING that pain!

To see if PRP therapy is right for you, do a little research and find a licensed provider in your area.

Your primary care doctor probably won’t offer it, but PRP therapy is becoming more and more popular – so it doesn’t hurt to check.


Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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