Ancient Spice KO’s Killer Cancer

There’s no denying that cancer is a killer…

One that claimed as many as 10 MILLION LIVES last year alone.

But every day, researchers all over the world make progress toward finding safe, exciting, and effectivesolutions… and we get a tiny bit closer to overcoming the disease for good…

Today, though, we’ve jumped WAY ahead.

Because a pair of all-new studies out of the Middle East have discovered that one of the region’s most precious and delicious spices has the power to DOMINATE killer cancer…

And it’s not even a fair fight.

I’ll explain what it is and why it works so well in just a moment.

First, though, you’ve just GOT to see this research… because it’s really extraordinary.

In one study, scientists gave a population of lab rats cancer by injecting them with a known carcinogen. Then, they divided them up – exposing one group to an organic compound called safranal and leaving the others without treatment as a control.

In the untreated rats — predictably — cancer cells were free to grow, spread, and wreak absolute havoc on the rodents’ bodies.

But in the safranal group…

It’s like the cancer just DISAPPEARED.


Researchers say that’s because the saffron extract actually fought the cancer on two separate fronts.

First, it BLOCKED the cell cycle that allows cancer to divide and multiply… and second, it TRIGGERED something called apoptosis.

Believe me, that’s a MAJOR blow to the cancer… because apoptosis is also known as “cell suicide.”

That’s the natural process that keeps your body’s cell count balanced, and many mainstream cancer therapies (like drugs and radiation) actually aim to set it off.

Only, safranal kicks it into overdrive.

(Talk about a cancer KO…)

And the good news doesn’t stop there.

Because a second study — published in Scientific Reports— saw the EXACT SAME results!

Only this time, the safranal-triggered apoptosis was shown to kill off HUMAN liver cancer cells… practically PROVING the compound’s potential as a live-saving cancer treatment!

And now, knocking out cancer has never been easier…

Because safranal is actually a major component of saffron, a bright-red spice that people overseas have been using to amp up their meals – and strengthen their bodies – for centuries now.

By some accounts, the theft of this healthful and luxurious spice (often called the world’s most expensive spice) may have even started a war…

But these days, you can pick it up on the cheap at your local grocery or health food store. To up your intake and reap those cancer-killing benefits, try adding raw saffron to some of your meals.

It goes especially great with Mediterranean-style rice and seafood dishes — but for a more concentrated boost, you can also find saffron supplements online or through your local vitamin shop.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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