Ancient Oil REVERSES Memory Loss

It’s one of the most frustrating parts of a fight with memory loss.

You may easily recall things you learned YEARS ago – random bits about movies or science or ancient history – but struggle with “simple” things, like your neighbor’s first name or where you left the darn car keys.

It’s enough to drive anyone mad.

More than that, it’s scary… and heartbreaking…

But interestingly, now might be the perfect time to brush up on your history…

Because a slew of modern studies have uncovered that something straight out of legend — a MIRACLE OIL used by the ancients — can actually REVERSE devastating brain drain and memory loss.

It’s called spikenard (Nardostachys chinensis or Nardostachys jatamansi) – and frankly, I don’t have time to tell you just how many powerful civilizations once relied on this important herb.

Reports indicate that it was known for its medicinal properties and potent fragrance all around the ancient world – particularly in India, China, Greece, and throughout the Roman Empire, where it was  included in foods and perfumes.

Some say the Egyptians viewed it as a luxury… and used it to embalm their dead…

While still other sources indicate ties to early Christianity and its use to anoint Jesus’ feet at the Last Supper.

Now, scientists the world over argue that it may be able to STOP or REVERSE your frustrating memory loss!

In one study, published in the Chinese Journal of Natural Medicinesin 2016, researchers observed that spikenard extract helped inhibit creation of the pro-inflammatory substance nuclear factor-kappa B – exhibiting its inflammation-taming potential.

And that’s INCREDIBLE news… because as you probably know, inflammation in the brain has REPEATEDLY been linked to memory loss and dementia!

What’s more, another study – a mouse model from 2006 – concluded that the herb’s anti-oxidant properties help UNDO age-related memory loss.

Yep. The researchers tested N. jatamansiextract on both young and old mice for eight days. And by the end, not only did the highest dosage improve learning and memory in young mice

It also REVERSED natural, age-induced amnesia in older mice!

But you don’t have to venture abroad – or back in time — to get these amazing memory-boosting benefits.

These days, spikenard is most often sold as an essential oil, and it’s easily absorbed just by inhaling its scent — but if you prefer, you can also find it online as a tea.

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