“Alligator Fruit” BOOSTS Aging Brains (3 Months)

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

Is there anything more frustrating than reading a book… or holding a conversation… and not being able to focus?

Maybe you’re easily distracted… or you get lost in your own thoughts… maybe something just isn’t CLICKING for you…

Whatever it is, friend, you’re not alone.

Research finds that many seniors have decreased activity in the brain areas behind concentration and attention, meaning that many folks CAN’T THINK the way they used to… and to make matters worse, mainstream docs have NO IDEA how to treat it.

But starting today, you can REGAIN the sharp, quick mind you had years ago…

Because there’s a strange Mexican plant, an “alligator fruit” sold around the world, that helps BOOST aging brains in just THREE MONTHS!

You probably know it as avocado… Mexico’s premier natural export and the main ingredient in creamy guacamole.

Also called “avocado pears” or “alligator pears” (for their dark, bumpy skin), avocados are highly nutritious – and in recent years, they’ve gained fame as a great source of healthy fats.

They’re also high in potassium, soluble and insoluble fiber, and key antioxidants… and as such, studies have found that these soft, creamy fruits can help:

  • Lower heart risk,
  • Improve vision,
  • Fight cancer, and
  • Enhance weight loss.

Plus, new research reveals that avocados can help BOOST aging brains!

In the study, published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology in February, researchers gathered 84 adults who were considered overweight or obese. They randomized these folks into two treatment groups and provided everyone with 12 weeks of daily meals.

Now, these food plans were designed to ensure that everyone consumed the same number of calories… but there was one big difference between the treatment groups:

Some folks consumed one avocado per day.

Compared to folks who didn’t eat a daily avocado, people who did showed improved performance on a key cognitive test of attention.

Twelve weeks – just three months — later, their scores were BETTER than when the study began, indicating that these folks were able to BLOCK OUT distractions and FOCUS on brain tests!

For you, that could mean ZONING IN on what people are saying to you… absorbing EVERY DETAIL in the daily newspaper… or IGNORING disruptions.

You could KEEP UP with complex conversations again… AMAZE people with your astute observations…

All thanks to a daily avocado.

At first, researchers thought these brain-boosting effects came from a chemical called lutein, which is known for improving eye health… but as the study went on, fluctuating lutein levels did not correlate with cognitive improvement.

More research is needed to confirm where these benefits come from – but in the meantime, you could start HONING your focus.

To take the first step, look for avocados at your local grocery store. A ripe, ready-to-eat avocado should feel light and soft when you squeeze it and may have a darker color.

Feel free to pick up a few onions, peppers, and some cilantro while you’re at it. Mash the avocados and mix it all together to enjoy some homemade guacamole.

Do you have feedback you want to share? Drop me a line: feedback@turapur.com.


Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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