[Alert] Pain Drugs Are Wrecking Your Heart

We’ve known for years now that risky painkillers are nothing to mess around with.

Thanks to prescription-happy docs and too-high dosages, they can cause everything from addiction and drug abuse… 

To heartbreaking overdose…

In even the most disciplined patients.

And now, all-new research reveals that we have EVEN MORE to fear from these life-ruining drugs… because even if they’re taken exactly as prescribed…

Dangerous opioids can set you up for a LIFETIME of deadly heart struggles.

I’ll tell you how in just a second… but first, here are the cold, hard heart facts.

In a study recently presented at an important American Heart Association conference in Chicago, researchers analyzed the medical records of over 800,000 military veterans, paying close attention to all opioid use – not just abuse or misuse.

And they found that it doesn’t matter how in-control of your meds you are…

Taking any opioid – be it for temporary post-op pain or chronic ailments – INCREASES your risk of atrial fibrillation.

That’s the abnormal heart-rhythm condition that paves the way for stroke or heart failure down the road…

And opioids make it a whopping 34 PERCENT more likely!

As if you didn’t have reason enough to stay off these meds… now your HEART is on the line, too!

That’s because opioids can cause or worsen abnormal breathing patterns while you sleep, leading to rhythmic disturbances such as a-fib.

If you or a loved one have been prescribed opioids for pain, it’s important to get off of them as soon as possible – before addiction or a-fib get the chance to take hold.

While tackling intense pain without mainstream meds may seem daunting, it’s far from impossible.

Studies have shown acupuncture and physical therapy to be safe and effective alternatives, while anti-inflammatory curcumin and topical arnica can specifically target and relieve arthritis pain – WITHOUT hurting your heart.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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