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[Alert] Morning Mistake KILLING Millions?!

Mom used to call it the most important meal of the day… but nowadays, no one seems to care about BREAKFAST! 

Thanks to hectic schedules, weight-loss gimmicks, and more, millions of Americans are starting their mornings by SKIPPING this essential energy-boosting meal… DEPRIVING their bodies of important nutrients. 

And if that’s you, there’s something important you need to know 

It’s not just your energy levels on the line! 

According to new research from the University of Iowa, routinely side-stepping breakfast can take a major toll on your ticker… UPPING your risk of deadly heart disease and premature death. 

But here’s the good news…   

It’s completely avoidable!  

To lower your risk – and SAVE your own life – all you’ve got to do is listen to mom. 

In the study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology last month, researchers reviewed survey data collected from 6,550 adults between 1988 and 1994 and tracked their health through 2011, focusing on how often participants ate breakfast. 

According to the survey: 

  • 5.1 percent of respondents reported never eating breakfast, 
  • 10.9 percent reported rarely eating breakfast, 
  • 25 percent said they ate breakfast some days, and 
  • 59 percent consumed breakfast every day. 

And about 20 years later, the differences between them were SHOCKING. 

Compared to people who ate breakfast daily, folks who NEVER ate breakfast were 87 PERCENT more likely to die of heart disease! 

But that’s not all… 

Not eating breakfast was also associated with a 19 percent greater risk of all-cause mortality – DYING of any cause! 

I don’t have to tell you how STAGGERING those numbers are… and how SCARY they may seem… 

But it gets worse. 

These findings are backed up by years of additional research. According one American Heart Association review, breakfast-skippers are more likely to gain weight or be obese, develop diabetes, and lack certain vital nutrients… further upping the risk of long-term health concerns. 

Fortunately, I think you and I both know the solution. 


And while you’re at it, eat a healthy and well-balanced breakfast.  

While carb-heavy pancakes, pastries, and sugary cereals might help you muster up energy in the a.m., that high typically doesn’t last – and too many treats can easily add up to diabetes and heart issues on their own. 

For savory flavor and sustained energy throughout the day, scramble one or two eggs and serve them with simple sides like whole-grain toast and fruit. The combination of hearty protein and complex carbohydrates will help you avoid mid-day slumps – and adding veggies can increase your levels of important vitamins! 

You’ll feel full, happy, and ready to start your day… 

And your heart will thank you. 

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