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[Alert] Is Your Cellphone KILLING YOU?!

I remember a time when our days WEREN’T ruled by screens… when our exciting, adventurous lives couldn’t be folded onto hard drives or harvested by money-hungry media execs 

These days, though, everyone’s got their nose in their phone or their eyes glued to the TV. 

We’re so OVER-SATURATED with news and political drama that half of us never turn the darn things off! 

But starting right now, you and your loved ones need to slash your screen time… 

Because according to the latest research, these high-tech horrors could send you HURLING toward an early grave! 

I’ll tell you how to protect yourself in a moment… 

But first, you deserve to know WHY you’re at risk. 

In a new study, published in Aging and Mechanisms of DiseaseOregon researchers analyzed the effects of blue LED light – the same kind emitted by modern phones, TVs, tablets, and computers – on fruit flies (Drosophilia melanogaster). 

Now, fruit flies were selected because they have certain cellular and developmental traits that are similar to humans’… and this study, scientists subjected them to 12 hours of blue light exposure per day. 

That might seem like a lot of time, but think about how many TV shows you watch each night… how many ebooks you read on your tablet… or how many hours you spend working on the computer… 

Then, think about the folks who scroll through their cellphones in bed… and the kids who play video games all night… 

It all adds up.  

In fact, you probably get more screen time than you think…  

And it could be KILLING YOU! 

Researchers found that flies subjected to 12 hours of blue light per day had SHORTER LIVES than those kept in total darkness or non-blue light… as if the light had accelerated their aging and caused them to die off faster… 

But it’s not because those flies were staring into the blue-light abyss all day. 

It’s because the blue light TOUCHED THEM! 

See, scientists found the same results in mutated flies without eyes… meaning that they didn’t have to see the light to be affected by it: They just had to be near it! 

Flies kept in the blue light also showed reduced mobility and damage to their brain cells – and that makes sense, given what we’ve learned from previous studies.  

Blue wavelengths have been shown to weaken your eyes, inhibit sleep, and increase cravings for sugary foods (hampering weight loss), so limiting your exposure has never been more important. 

And while that might seem challenging – given our modern reliance on screens and cellphones – I’m not asking you to “unplug” entirely. 

Just be smart and make small changes, like: 

  • Investing in eyeglasses with amber lenses, which can help filter out blue light, 
  • Avoiding “binge-watching,” 
  • Reading physical copies of books (rather than downloaded versions), 
  • Limiting computer time, and 
  • Setting aside time to IGNORE your cellphone. 

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