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[Alert] Doc’s Test CAUSING Cancer!?

You generally trust your doctor, right? 

Sure, mainstream practices and policies are screwed up (not to mention the prescriptions!), but if you’ve been seeing the same physician for decades now – as many of us have – you probably think you’re in good hands. 

You trust him with your health… your well-being… heck, you’ve even recommended his straight-laced services to friends and family members…

But now, urgent news may change ALL OF THAT. 

Brand-new research out of the UK has just revealed that one of your doc’s “safe,” routine measures… something he does virtually EVERY TIME you visit… could be GIVING YOU life-ruining cancer! 

For once, it has nothing do with prescribing mainstream pills or pushing you into risky surgeriesNOPE! 

This often happens before any of that… when you’re still in his office and under his care… and MILLIONS of Americans agree to it without a second thought… 

Today, I’m talking about TESTING. 

Now, you’re probably familiar with computerized tomography (CT) scans. Each one is a combination of multiple X-ray images, and many docs use them to screen for heart disease, cancer, and other issues before assigning treatment… 

Sounds good so far, right? Of course you want your doc to know what he’s doing… but here’s the problem. 

These supposedly “safe” scans expose patients to varying levels of harmful radiation – and they are wildly OVER-USED! 

Experts estimate that as many as ONE-THIRD of these scans are unnecessary… used to line docs’ pockets, avoid lawsuits and malpractice claims, and more… and now, we know that these radioactive test may CAUSE cancer!  

In an all-new study, published in Cell Stem Cell, researchers exposed mouse esophagi to 50 milligray doses of radiation – equal to about three or four CT scans – and found that this “low dose” actually INCREASED the number of potential cancer cells! 

Specifically, researchers observed that the radiation raised the number of cells with p53 mutations – a genetic change that’s been linked to cancer! 

That helps these cancer-capable cells beat out healthy cells for space and resources, potentially leading to tumor development… 

But it gets worse. 

Previous research suggests that at least 2 percent of all future cancers may come from CT scans! 

That’s scary, I know – and what’s worse is that some CT scans are actually VITAL for treating some major health conditions. In that regard, a few of doses of radiation are impossible to avoid… 

But not all. 

Next time your doc wants to run an X-ray or CT scan, stop and ask him two big questions: 

  1. Why do I need this scan? 
  2. Is the test absolutely necessary? (If not, is there a safer alternative?) 

Plus, don’t be afraid to ask about a lower radiation dose (which can be safer for smaller or thinner patients) or fight back on repeat scans. The lower your exposure, the better. 

It might even save your life. 

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