[Alert] Do You Have SECRET Shingles?!

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

You know the signs of itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable shingles, and you’re pretty sure you’re in the clear…

But, friend, just because you don’t have the telltale rash and blisters, that doesn’t mean you’re free from infection!

Unbeknownst to most folks (including a fair share of mainstream docs), there’s a secret, invisible form of shingles that comes with subtle symptoms and life-threatening complications…

And you could have it RIGHT NOW!

I’ll tell you how to spot the signs and protect against infection in just a moment…

But first, what do you really know about shingles?

You’ve probably heard that it’s the result of a virus, the same virus that gave you chickenpox back in the day… but here’s something you might not know: Mainstream docs are practically POWERLESS to stop it.

Sure, they can jab you with some new vaccine or hand you a drug, but there’s no guarantee that “protection” will last… and when it inevitably wears off, they’ll leave you completely on your own.

That’s because they don’t understand why shingles happens – or why it the virus reappears in some folks but not others.

All they really know is that the post-pox virus settles around your nervous system, where it rests FOR YEARS before “waking up” and wreaking havoc on your body, causing everything from red, angry rashes and blisters to crippling pain and numbness.

Since your nervous system reaches your entire body, shingles can easily lead to damaging inflammation around your brain and vital organs, conditions that can quickly turn DEADLY…

And if you’ve got internal shingles, you may already be in danger.

Unlike “normal” shingles — the kind marked by obvious rashes, blisters, and pain — internal shingles (zoster sine herpete) doesn’t show any visible symptoms.

Instead, you could feel like you’re coming down with a cold. You might feel achy and slow… suffer headaches and muscle pain… and develop a fever.

You might even brush it off as allergies or flu… but it’s important to get help (and get it FAST). Here’s how to protect yourself:

  1. Talk to a specialist. If you’ve been feeling “off” or suffering cold-like symptoms for an extended period of time, speak with a physician you trust. Tell them if you’ve ever had chickenpox and ask if internal shingles could be behind your symptoms.
  2. Boost your body’s defenses. Scientists suggest that folks with impaired immunity may have a higher risk of shingles, so avoid taking steroids and other meds that can weaken your immune system. Then, consider supplementing with vitamin C to fight off any infection.
  3. Be smart. If you’ve never been exposed to the virus, don’t interact with anyone who is currently suffering from chickenpox or shingles.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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