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The 3 Drugs Behind Your Vitamin Deficiency

For years, the mainstream has been handing us prescriptions like candy with the promise that they will only improve your health.  

They’ll tell you that you need a cholesterol pill… something for your arthritis… and a few drugs to treat your diabetes. 

What they don’t tell you is that many of these popular drugs are actually depleting your body of vital nutrients. 

But that all changes today… 

Because I’m going to tell you exactly how three types of drugs are robbing your body of key vitamins… and what you can do about it. 

#1 Statins and Coq10

Widely prescribed for cholesterol issues, these drugs block the release of an enzyme called CoQ10, which is essential for energy production. As you age, your body struggles to make adequate amounts, so taking a statin can really make your levels plummet. A CoQ10 deficiency particularly in muscles — like your heart — can cause weakness and cramps. Your best bet is to replenishing your C0Q10 with a supplement, which may also help lower your cholesterol and improve your brain health. I like this one.

#2 Metformin and B12

Six different studies have found that folks taking metformin are at high risk of being vitamin B12 deficient. And this can cause serious health problems for seniors. You see, B12 is needed for energy and to protect your brain and nervous system. Without it, you could be setting yourself up for memory issues and muscle pain. You can up you B12 intake by eating seafood and beef. Or you can take a sublingual B12 supplement.

#3 Steroids and Vitamin D 

Just one round of steroids can make your vitamin D levels take a nosediveThat’s because steroids have a major impact on the way your body processed vitamin D. And when vitamin D is missing, it greatly affects your body’s ability to absorb calcium. The end result? Osteoporosis and other bone issues. 

Fortunately, upping your vitamin D couldn’t be easier. Just spend 15 minutes in full sunlight every day. Or opt for a vitamin D supplement instead.

If you’re taking any of these drugs, it’s probably time to talk to you doctor about how to get off of them or lower your dosage. 

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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