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2-in-1 Breakthrough SLASHES Heart Risk

The older we get, the more mainstream docs start harping on and on about our hearts… NAGGING US about the dangers of high blood pressure and heart disease and PUSHING US to start up on risky meds… 

Heck, if it were up to them, we’d all be shelling out THOUSANDS for pricey Big Pharma pills… 

But we know better. 

You don’t need expensive meds to protect your ticker… 

Because just-out research has revealed that something that you may already be taking, a well-known solution for joint pain and osteoarthritis, can also REDUCE the risks associated with heart disease… 

And that’s a win-win in my book. 

I’m talking about widely popular GLUCOSAMINE! 

Glucosamine is a structural component of cartilage that our bodies produce naturally — a building block of the tissue that cushions our joints – but as we age, our bodies aren’t as effective at replacing it naturally. 

That’s why so many people have RAVED about supplementing with glucosamine. Replenishing our stores helps ease the pain of osteoarthritis… and odds are, you know someone who’s used it to get relief from joint pain and stiffness. 

In Europe, it’s only sold with a prescription… but here in the U.S., it is sold over the counter and is one of the most popular supplements around… 

With nearly six and half million people taking it daily. 

It’s no surprise that scientists took an interest in this stand-out supplement, asking what other benefits this popular pain solution might hold…  

And the answer is very EXCITING! 

In a study recently published in the BMJ, researchers found that people who regularly take glucosamine may have significantly lower risk of events linked to cardiovascular disease (CVD), coronary heart disease, stroke, and even CVD-related death. 

Using the UK Biobank – a United Kingdom resource for national health records — researchers from Tulane University tracked the health of nearly half a million adults, ages 40 to 69, who did not have CVD at the start of the study. 

And after seven years, the results revealed a surprising bonus benefit! 

Habitual use of glucosamine was associated with a 15 percent lower risk of total cardiovascular events and a 22 percent lower risk of CVD-related death (compared to non-users). 

Keep in mind that this was an observational study, so larger clinical trials are needed to confirm glucosamine’s heart-helping effects… but what great news!   

Research suggest that it works to lower inflammation in two ways… lowering levels of C reactive protein in the blood and mimicking the effects of a low-carbohydrate diet, both of which have been associated with heart health. 

And because of its soaring popularity for joint pain relief, you can find glucosamine just about anywhere – from your local market to online. 

Glucosamine is often found in combination with chondroitin (another structural component of cartilage) that further helps ease joint pain — and as always, you should talk to your doctor before starting glucosamine supplements.  

If you are taking blood thinners, glucosamine may not be the heart-saving supplement for you, as it may negatively interact with the anticoagulant (blood-thinning) drug warfarin (Coumadin). 

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