Are These Meds Making Your High Blood Pressure WORSE?!

Dear Turapür Today Reader,  If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, there’s a good chance your doctor has prescribed you some kind of medication to help lower it.   And while taking prescription drugs isn’t the ONLY way to manage high blood pressure, it’s certainly mainstream medicine’s go-to treatment ‘plan’.  But, you see, this is where mainstream doctors MISS THE MARK when it comes...

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5 Drugs That Kill Your Sex Drive

It’s easy to dismiss low sex drive as a part of aging… but in lots of cases, there’s much more going on. You see, there are five types of drugs that are known to absolutely destroy your sex life. And if you can get these five meds out of your life, you may be on your way to enjoying the type of sexual desire you haven’t felt in years. Read on to discover if you’re taking them.

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7 Energy Busters Hiding in Your Medicine Cabinet

A big part of aging well is having the energy and stamina to do all the things you love. But what if your lethargy is the result of your medication? The fact is chronic fatigue is a major side effect for lots of the drugs your doctor prescribes. Read on to discover if you’re taking any of the seven drugs that may be zapping your energy.

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