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This Snack ATTACKS Breast Cancer Cells (Wow!)

Want to know why up to ONE-THIRD of breast cancer patients STOP taking their mainstream drugs?   It’s because the SIDE EFFECTS are so severe!   Joint pain… hot flashes… night sweats… fatigue… anxiety… weight gain…  Imagine side effects SO BAD that you would rather take your chances with CANCER!  No one should have to feel this way… and now, you don’t have...

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Urgent: Common Drugs CAUSING Dementia?!

“DO NO HARM.”  That’s the foundation of the Hippocratic Oath… the ancient basis for responsible medical practice… and mainstream docs are VIOLATING IT with their short-sightedness!  Many docs are quick to prescribe synthetic drugs WITHOUT understanding their long-term effects… WITHOUT adequate discussion of alternative options… and WITHOUT follow-up care!  That kind of wanton practice is just despicable…  And now, we know just how...

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granola, yogurt, and fruit

Yum! Easy Snack CUTS OFF Colon Cancer

Harvard University researchers have identified the one common snack, a sweet and creamy midday pick-me-up, that can STOP deadly colon cancer and SPARE you from suffering…

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smiling woman

BLOCK Alzheimer’s & Cancer – With THIS Simple Trick!

According to new studies out of Ireland and Norway, poor oral health can lead to DEVASTATING repercussions later in life – including memory loss and KILLER cancer!

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berry pie

Tasty “Blue” Dessert DEFEATS Heart Disease (Yum!)

A decadent “blue” dessert that’s PERFECT for Fourth of July may contain the key to BEATING deadly heart disease!

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medical prescription

Urgent: Seniors TRICKED Into Taking More Meds!? 

Another sneaky source (not your doc!) is FEEDING YOU superbug-spreading antibiotics… and you may be taking them without a second thought.

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pink milk thistle flower

Alert: Weird Flower STOPS Depression & Anxiety!

A team of American and Jordanian researchers have uncovered an answer for debilitating mood disorders… a weird-looking plant that RELIEVES anxiety and ERASES depression!

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vital rotundifolia

“Shoreline Cure” KOs Cancer Cells (Wow!)

A trio of recent studies has confirmed that one beachy plant, a shrub that grows along shorelines around the world, can KILL OFF deadly cancer cells!

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woman with migraine

CUT Migraines In HALF! (Here’s How...)

A recent BREAKTHROUGH has revealed the unique migraine-suppressing potential of one familiar supplement that RELIEVES your pain and BLOCKS future attacks!

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senior couple walking down stairs

Have Trouble Getting Around? Try THIS!

Boston researchers have just uncovered a link between low levels of one common vitamin and trouble walking and climbing stairs!

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