Alert: Popular Drinks Cause EARLY DEATH?!

Open your refrigerator, and you’ll probably see A DOZEN things mainstream docs have told you to ditch. Ice-cold beer… gooey macaroni and cheese… day-old pepperoni pizza… the works.

It’s all right there waiting for you – and unlike stuffy traditional docs, I think you should enjoy it all in moderation.

But there’s one popular item, a beverage beloved by millions of Americans, that you need to toss out IMMEDIATELY…

Because this fizzy, tasty treat can CUT your lifespan and CAUSE deadly disease!

I’m talking about soda.

In the study, recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers analyzed the dietary habits of more than 450,000 European adults.

These were people (averaging 51 years old) who reported how often they consumed soda, energy drinks, lemonade, and more as part of a previous study on cancer and nutrition… and none of them had heart disease, cancer, or diabetes at the start.

But more than a decade later, EVERYTHING changed.

Researchers observed that folks who drank two or more glasses per day (compared to one glass per month) were 17 percent more likely to DIE of any cause!

Think about that for a second.

Two drinks per day doesn’t sound like much, but researchers identified one glass as about 8.5 ounces.

Meanwhile, most cans and bottles are actually 12 ounces…

Which means that ONE can of pop per day puts you about THREE-QUARTERS of the way to that danger zone!

Plus, if you eat out a lot… and are known to enjoy an extra-large fountain drink (with refills), you could unknowingly SURPASS that two-glass threshold in MINUTES!

These little tricks put your life even more at risk – and according to the study, just one glass of a sugar-sweetened beverage per day is enough to increase your odds of a deadly digestive disorder!

And don’t think mainstream “diet drinks” are any better.

In this study, artificially sweetened beverages (like those marketed to dieters and folks counting calories) were shown to increase the odds of heart-related death… and just a few months ago, I warned you about “diet drinks” causing STROKES in senior women!

If you really want to protect yourself from early death and disease, most mainstream drinks won’t cut it.

Go natural instead.

If you rely on sugary sodas or “diet” alternatives as a pick-me-up each morning, try opting for black coffee or green tea instead. Each one can give you the caffeine you need to start your day WITHOUT poisoning your body with sweeteners or chemicals.

Plus, both coffee and tea – hold the sugar — have been linked to improved cognition and brain health!

If you’re in the mood for something sweeter, add flavor to a glass of water by tossing in some fresh fruit.