[New] 1-Hour Formula UPGRADES Your Memory!

Just a few years ago, you could remember every detail of every story and REGALE family and friends with your impressive wit and endless wisdom…

But now?

Maybe you walk into rooms and can’t remember why… you draw a blank on friends’ names or confuse your grandkids’ favorite games and foods…

You trail off during stories you know by heart.

It’s embarrassing and infuriating.

But starting this afternoon, you can finally SLAM THE BRAKES on age-related cognitive decline…

Because my colleague Dr. Richard Gerhauser has just debuted a first-of-its-kind formula that helps boost your brain, sharpen your mind, and make your memory EIGHT TIMES STRONGER

And it starts working in just ONE HOUR!

I’ll explain how that’s possible in just second… but first, here’s the REAL reason your mind and memory have started to slow.

Contrary to mainstream belief, it’s NOT “old age,” and it’s NOT something you have to lie down and accept…

It’s actually a substance called amyloid.

That’s a kind of protein known for settling in your brain… slowing your thinking and interfering with your memory… and scientists have spent YEARS trying to decode its brain-draining secrets.

Only, they’ve been looking in the WRONG PLACE!

Recent studies have revealed that amyloid isn’t created your brain (as mainstream scientists assumed). It’s actually made in a completely different part of your body…


See, your pancreas supplies your body with special chemicals that help break down and transport food and nutrients, and it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL for digestion… but when you overload it with too much sugar and carbohydrates, your pancreas starts CREATING amyloid!

From there, that nasty amyloid enters your bloodstream and eventually makes its way to your brain, where it blocks key pathways and weakens your memory…

But with Memotex, Dr. Gerhauser’s game-changing brain formula, you can finally SCRUB amyloid out of your brain and UPGRADE your mind… starting in just ONE HOUR!

The secret behind marvelous Memotex is its powerhouse primary ingredient: a unique, easily absorbed “LC particle” that’s based around the natural compound curcumin.

In one study of out California, scientists instructed seniors to take memory tests before and after supplementing with this LC particle… and while most studies take months to show concrete results, this one took MINUTES!

Just 60 minutes – ONE HOUR – after taking LC particle, seniors performed better on tests and showed STRONGER memories!

Compared to placebo users (whose test scores improved a measly 2 percent), seniors in the LC particle group had memories that were EIGHT TIMES greater – achieving a remarkable 16 percent improvement overall!

After 28 days of supplementing, LC particle users reported feeling calmer and less fatigued than their placebo-using peers… suggesting that their brains were stronger, younger, and more energized…

And Memotex doesn’t stop there.

This formula is loaded with a unique blend of supporting ingredients that help BLOCK new amyloid, SUPPORT your pancreas, and BOOST your brain even further…

And because Dr. Gerhauser and I work with the same parent company, he’s insisted on letting you try brain-enhancing Memotex absolutely risk-free!

If your memory isn’t eight times stronger after just ONE HOUR, simply return your bottle of Memotex for a complete refund.

Click here to reserve your first bottle of Memotex – and start upgrading your brain.

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